As a boy who was raised on an island, cushioned by the Caribbean Sea, I have always possessed a need to connect with people in a meaningful way. I have not always managed to travel outside my borders and boundaries but have always found the arts as an experience of transformation and great transportation. After all, only an actor gets to go to 19th Century England, then to Aurther Miller’s 1940s Brooklyn and then end up in Trevor Rhone’s Jamaica.


Knowing  just how impactful art is, I have decided to connect with the world through acting. I  have since put all my energy into solidifying my career and I have been acting professionally for the past 2 years.  


In that time I've garnered awards at both my country's national and secondary school levels and joined The QUILT Performing Arts Company, and have done a myriad of performances where I've represented Jamaica both regionally and internationally in several theatre festivals, workshops and developmental drama-based retreats.

Specifically, I am more intrigued by the subtle nuances of  film and on-screen acting.

So I've gotten myself in positions to do film work and have had the privilege of being cast in projects such as,

Fear a Jamaican produced international short film

and was also a featured talent in Universal Music's Video for Bob Marley's - No Woman No Cry.

I've also been casted in other music videos, government commercials and have produced my own short films.


 I have always subscribed to the idea that learning makes any skill significantly better and I find acting no different. I have chosen to go the drama school route, as a means of attaining and maintaining a successful career. I have recently been accepted into the world famous 

Royal Central School  of Speech and Drama, where I will begin my tenure in October 2020.

I will work hard and I will be successful, not only for myself, my family or my country 

but for all the dreamers who still dare to dream.